Candidate Experience

At Hender Consulting we are committed to providing the best service for our clients while ensuring a positive candidate experience.

We understand that employment changes can be a time consuming, emotional, challenging, and – ultimately – a career defining process.

When applying for a role through Hender Consulting you can be assured of a professional, responsive and confidential experience.

To ensure the most positive candidate experience, we commit to:

  • Protecting your privacy
  • Responding to all emails and phone calls expediently
  • Providing opportunities to make phone enquiries
  • Acknowledging receipt of all applications
  • Advising both successful and unsuccessful candidates
  • Providing feedback to unsuccessful candidates who have been interviewed
  • Providing as much information as we can about positions within the limits set by our clients
  • Independently and objectively assessing your application against the selection criteria set by our clients
  • Advising you of the identity of any entity receiving your resume before it is sent
  • Only contacting referees where we have gained your permission to do so
  • Making our client aware of your application where it is broadly in line with the selection criteria
  • Assisting you with your successful transition into a new position

Your Application

When applying for a position, we strongly encourage a cover letter to accompany your resume. This letter should capture your motivation and transferable skills and experience. We also recommend that your resume ideally has your qualifications and a career summary (date, entity, position) on the front page.

We encourage a separate application for each position. We will not register you against a specific role unless you express an explicit interest. It is advisable to send applications from a secure or private email address as you will receive an auto response confirming receipt.

At the end of a recruitment process, we will keep your resume and contact details on our system in accordance with our Privacy Statement unless you request they are removed. You may then be contacted in the future regarding different opportunities.

As part of our standard due diligence, we confirm any claimed qualifications with the relevant institution and encourage you to only list qualifications that can be verified. Please indicate if any qualification commenced was not completed or conferred.

To review and apply for a specific position, please go to Positions

To register your career details on our confidential system, please send your resume to


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